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Jason Floyd golfer uses Sure-Set

I first encountered the Sure-Set whilst on the range at the 2014 BMW PGA Championship. At a glance I thought it was just another ‘quick fix’ arm and hand positioning training aid. Dan Frost asked me to try it and I was instantly surprised and impressed at what I felt. The overall sense of being more torqued against the ground and being loaded led to the desire to investigate the Sure-Set properly at my academy. With all of the players we tested, there were significant improvements in their kinematic sequences. This was mainly due to Sure-Set’s key strength, which is increased ground force through a tighter COG.

Jason Floyd

TPI Certified Instructor and PGA professional

Malcom MacKenzie golfer uses Sure-Set

The beauty of the Sure-Set is that you can use it as an alternative to stretching. It’s a fantastic warm-up device before you tee off, it improves your range of movement and leaves you swinging the club like you’re in your twenties again. I love it!

Malcom MacKenzie

European Senior Tour player

Ben Taylor golfer uses Sure-Set

Working with Sure-Set has totally transformed my practice routine. It has made swing changes simple. I love the fact that I can take the Sure-Set training aid with me anywhere I travel and can use it in my hotel room. It’s so simple and after just a few sessions the new swing move will become second nature. Sure-Set has totally transformed my game and I now simply use it to reinforce the good backswing feeling before hitting balls

Ben Taylor golfer uses Sure-Set

England Squad & NCAA Player of the Year

“To feel is to understand. To repeat is to own”

The Sure-Set Training Aid Collection

The Sure-Set Golf Training Aid collection is vital for every golfer’s practice routine. The beauty of all Sure-Set products is they are compact and can be slotted into your golf bag to take with you on the course, practice ground, into the office, at home or abroad.

Sure-Set products are available both as left and right-handed options.