The Expert Explanation

by Dan Frost

The Sure-Set improves your range of movement, flexibility, external awareness and consistency. The Sure-Set creates a constant radius to your swing matching up the journey of the arms, club and torso rotation.

A solid foundation

It enables you to blend the mixture of wrist hinge, forearm rotation and shoulder turn as you coil around a solid foundation.

It works with the individual flexion of your wrists to create a set that establishes a constant radius from sternum-level to the top of the left wrist.

Sure-Set works around the concept that the directional force of the hinge is towards the left arm, not the middle, straight up and down (hammer action) with the pre-set training grip encouraging right hand bend and forward shaft lean at address.

The correct automated uncoiling motion

This establishes an accumulation of leverage in the right arm and scapula as you load the backswing. This sets the club into a position that encourages the correct automated uncoiling motion.

A great assistant for learning

The Sure-Set works as a great assistant in learning the kinematic chain of the downswing, allowing the accumulated leverage to be stored as you uncoil from the floor: pelvis-trunk-lead arm.
The versatility suits many different swing models from one/two plane to A-swing and stack and tilt, with the common denominator being the radius. This allows coaches/players to be creative in the drill stage.

Creating strong motor patterns

In addition, it provides great reference and exercises that correct strong motor patterns, for example, using different reference points to create sets that allow the player to work on exaggerated planes, widths and configuration of set with many different drills. It also allows for a learning experience that is not too analytical (left-sided). The Sure-Set fits more into the feel or motion category creating freedom and free-flowing delivery (right-side).


Like training wheels on a bicycle!

The Sure-Set works by improving motion and delivery of the club on impact. Think of a child learning to ride a bike. We do not film the falling off and then suggest how to fall off a little less. We either support the child by holding the back of the seat or supply training wheels. I believe the load phase of the golf swing is the most confused action in golf. The Sure-Set is simply the training wheels on the bicycle!

“Strength, flexibility, power and sequence training”